Megustinos, I was honored to have the Hungry Nation team here in my kitchen during VidCon 2011. We made Horchata (recipe to follow next Sunday) and chatted about the making of Me Gusta. Check it out and let me know what you think. You’ll get the inside scoop to what inspired the making of my show.


Milanesa Steak 4 Dad


We’re cooking up this breaded steak called Milanesa for pops on Father’s Day and telling stories from the past. For seconds, grab a plate and watch my past episodes. Don’t be shy. Make us smile! Comment and share your fondest moments about dad! *UPDATE: This episode has over 58,000 views! Yeah! Did you know that [...]

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Holiday Cocktails


Claudia & Jamie mix up beautiful holiday cocktails to make your holidays sparkle! Jamie also treats us with some opera singing…oh la la. Now learn how to make Tamales—another Holiday favorite! About Jamie & Erick  It was a great pleasure having Jamie Chamberlin and Erick Simmons on Me Gusta. We instantly clicked the minute I [...]

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Quail in Rose Petal Sauce (Love Recipe)


Making an intoxicating dish inspired by the film, Like Water for Chocolate. Lucia Robles visits my kitchen for Valentines Day.
*Note: We used Cornish game hens instead of quail which were very difficult to find, but I’m told you may find them at the Asian markets.

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Pineapple Ice Pops (Paletas de Pina)


I grew up eating paletas. On every trip to Mexico, I looked forward to Paleteria outings with my cousins. These Mexican treats are pure frozen awesomeness because each bite is a burst of flavor! Giveaway: Win a Zoku Quick Pop Maker. Watch this episode for more info.  Contest Closed. Winner announced in the video below. In [...]

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Lime Soup (Sopa de Lima)


I took a vacation to Mexico in July before starting my new job. I have all this great footage but as some of you may have experienced, a new job is entirely consuming so I haven’t had time to post that content until now. Trust me, this recipe is worth the wait. You’re going to [...]

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Horchata (Rice and Cinnamon Drink)


Drinking horchata brings back memories of my family vacations in Mexico. The best taco stands in El Centro of any great city always served up awesome tacos and the freshest agua frescas, like Horchata. Horchata is made with rice and canela, one of my favorite Mexican ingredients. It’s the perfect Summer drink and amazing with [...]

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Tortilla Soup (Sopa de Tortilla)


Here’s the continuation of the Soup Opera! Noveleros, enjoy making this delicious rustic soup. Share it with your friends and let Chef Paola Petrella and I know how it turned out. Ingredients 3 freshly roasted chicken breast (skin on- bone in) 6 cups homemade chicken stock 2 medium onions, rough chop 4 large cloves (for [...]

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Caribbean Ceviche in Edible Bowls


One of wondrous things about making Me Gusta is all the chefs I’ve met that I’ve developed a special bond with. When a chef visits my kitchen, I learn a great deal about cooking–and for that, I’m grateful! On this episode, the ever so charming, Chef Paola Petrella, visited. What I love about Paola is [...]

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Bacon and Cheese Omelet


  YouTuber Paul from GigaSnail is back and we’re making a bacon and Tillamook Sharp Chedder Cheese omelet. This easy and delicious omelet can be served with a generous dose of fresh, spicy Molcajete Sauce, from a previous episode. I’m also running another fun contest called #SkillsWithSkillets for a chance to win a  a set [...]

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Sony Winner + Cyber Chocotini – MeGusta LIVE (Almost Forever)


  BlackNerd Comedy (Andre Meadow), Jonathan360 (Jonathan Naferreti) and SparklingLala (Lala Castro) join me and @Missilethecat on our FIRST Live episode of Mmm Me Gusta!  Tune in for some spicy shenanigans! In this episode we reveal the winner of the #SpicySnapShot contest announced during the Molcajete Sauce episode and create a cyber cocktail, which we [...]

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Ep. #40 Molcajete Sauce (with Chile de Arbol)


  I’m back. It’s been too long, oh my! I’m feeling spicy and so is my muy guapo guest, YouTuber, Paul Moore. We’re whipping up my mother’s Molcajete chile de arbol sauce: a recipe taught to my mother by her mother. In this episode, I’m running a fun contest called Spicy Snap Shots for a [...]

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I’m back. You’re hungry. And I’m giving stuff away!


    NEW Me Gusta episodes start on Thursday, June 9, 2011. My guest, YouTuber, Paul Moore from Gigasnail will be joining me for the entire month of June. Yeah! We can’t wait to share what we’ve got cooking! In addition to brand new recipes, I’m giving away fun stuff all month long, Oprah style. On [...]

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