Claudia Yuskoff


Hi, I’m Claudia and I want to feed you!

Along with 15 million Americans, I lost my job during the recession…but wait, don’t pity me! This period of my life led to a flow of creativity and the birth of Mmm, Me Gusta – A Little Cooking Show.

Mmm, Me Gusta = Mmm, I Like It

How the show got started…
One day out of complete boredom, I literally pressed a button and POOF!, the show popped out. I’ve never attended culinary or film school. I just took a chance at becoming my own director and filming my cooking sessions. You see, I am a home cook who was raised by a large family that thrived on delicious Mexican chow. The recipes on
Me Gusta are meals my sweet mother taught me. She’s a big inspiration for the show.  Sharing my recipes online just seems natural to me.

With over 30+ episodes of yummy recipes, video views in the hundreds of thousands and fans in the thousands, Me Gusta (for short) is an original web series that has been spotlighted on Youtube’s coveted home page and earned corporate clients and major brand advertisers. And, Next New Network –a new media channel (now Youtube Next)–picked up the show for  the channel Hungry Nation.

What I’m up to when I’m not cooking?
Beyond the show, I am the founder of a foodie social network called Eats N’ Geeks–a dinner for geeks made by geeks! I’m also active on a number of social sites, like Twitter (@cyuskoff), where I tweet about food and WebTV. The creation of this show has awakened my entrepreneurial spirit and  you can find more on my professional background here.

An ENORMOUS thank you to…

YOU for watching

and also,

Steve Seropian, talented illustrator (and brother-in-law) who worked with me on the branding for Mmm, Me Gusta.

Josh Ross, photographer (and good friend) who took the head shot directly above.

Leftover Cuties for providing the adorable theme song for Mmm, Me Gusta.

Melanie Orndorff, marketing colleague and friend, who took the time to give me web lessons.

and last but not least, my husband Kevin, kitty Missile and the rest of my family and friends–for your love and support!

Because of you guys, I still have hair on my head!

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