Ep. #40 Molcajete Sauce (with Chile de Arbol)



I’m back. It’s been too long, oh my! I’m feeling spicy and so is my muy guapo guest, YouTuber, Paul Moore. We’re whipping up my mother’s Molcajete chile de arbol sauce: a recipe taught to my mother by her mother.

In this episode, I’m running a fun contest called Spicy Snap Shots for a chance win a Sony WX9 Cyber-shot camera. This camera shoots vibrant, high quality pictures, and with a “Gourmet Mode” setting, all your food shots will look delicious! You have to be a Facebook fan or YouTube Subscriber to win. Watch episode to learn how to enter.

The winner for Spicy Snap Shots contest to win the Sony WX9 Cyber-shot will be announced on my LIVE Youtube channel on Thursday, June 16 at 7PM PST. Contest closes at June 16, 3PM, PST. Update: Watch our FIRST LIVE Broadcast! We’re such NOOBS!

Behind The Scenes Me Gusta Cooking

3-4 tomatoes (Combine various types of tomatoes e.g., Purple Cherokee, Roma, Hot House)
3 chile de arbol (remove seeds for less heat)
1 large garlic clove
Kosher Salt to taste
Olive oil (optional)

Spicy Salsa

Molcajete Sauce (with Chile de Arbol)

Heat skillet on medium heat. Lightly coat pan with olive oil (optional). If you have a well seasoned comal you can omit the oil. Add chile de arbol. Don’t be dumb like me. Use a tong to carefully cook the chiles on each side. Careful not to burn the chiles (they burn easily). Cook them until their color goes from bright red to a burnt orange and the skin becomes toasted. Pick up the chiles with tongs and smell them. HOLY MOLY, right! Paul thought they smelled like popcorn but I think they give off a woodsy, smokey scent.  Let peppers cool. Remove the stems, and for a milder sauce, pour out the seeds. Add  the tomatoes and garlic (with peel) to the pan. Turn constantly. Cook tomatoes until skin is charred and center is soft (you may need to cut large tomatoes in half). Cook garlic until soft. Be careful not to burn garlic as it tends to taste nasty. Remove ingredients from the pan and begin adding ingredients to the molcajete. Begin pulverizing the ingredients. Start with the chile de arbol, followed by garlic (until you get a paste), then tomatoes (one at a time). Be careful not to get hot tomato juice in your eye when you pound the tomatoes. Been there. Done that! You’ll end up with a thick yet juicy textured sauce. Add salt to taste. Important: the salt will balance all the flavors. Remember to add a pinch at a time and taste as you go.


The winner for Spicy Snap Shots contest to win the Sony WX9 Cyber-shot will be announced on my LIVE Youtube channel on Thursday, June 16.
Contest closes at June 16, 3PM, PST.

Good luck! Besitos! Besitos! Besitos!

Lyrics to the Opening Song

I’m Back.

I’m back. I’m back. Oh my, it’s been too long.
I’m back to feed my hungry megustinos.

I’m back. I’m back. And who the heck are you!
I’m Paul. I’m Paul. I am your guest tonight.
I’m coming on your show, what do you know!

Let’s make this season too good for you.

Written by Claudia Yuskoff and Scott Waldman from Lido Beach

Disclosure: I’ve partnered with Sony Electronics and have received compensation.

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  • http://eatsukieat.com Sukhraj Beasla

    Claudia, that was a fantastic premiere! I love all the extras in your videos including your logo and a cat (I’m guessing Missile) next to all the ingredients. I’m thinking of what my spicy snapshot would be. :)

  • http://megustacooking.com/ cyuskoff

    Thanks Suki! Glad you loved it. We’ve worked hard to up production! Can’t wait to see you spicy snapshot! Good luck and thank you for watching!

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